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The third full length album from Hell/Heaven Razah and producer RoadsArt.

This digital download contains the full album as well as the instrumentals and artwork. 

 Available 02/22/23


1 The Creation of Adam

2 St. Jerome In His Study

3 Lamentation of Christ 

4 Battle of San Romano 

5 Delivery of the Keys (feat. Deniro)

6 La Primavera - Interlude

7 The Birth of Venus

8 Holy Trinity (feat. Eloheem Team)

9 School of Athens - Interlude

10 Praying Hands (feat. Oksajin)

11 The Last Judgment

12 The Creation of Adam (Instrumental)

13 St. Jerome In His Study (Instrumental)

14 Lamentation of Christ (Instrumental) 

15 Battle of San Romano (Instrumental) 

16 Delivery of the Keys (Instrumental)

17 La Primavera (Instrumental)

18 The Birth of Venus (Instrumental)

19 Holy Trinity (Instrumental)

20 School of Athens (Instrumental)

21 Praying Hands (Instrumental)

22 The Last Judgment (Instrumental)


All Tracks Produced By RoadsArt

Mixed/Mastered/Artwork By RoadsArt at 202 Studios, NJ

All vocals written and performed by Hell/Heavan Razah
*except features.

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