Lost In Translation Cassette Tape (Limited)

RoadsArt Records

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Lost In Translation limited edition cassette tapes. Extremely Limited to only 20 copies. Also includes deluxe digital download. 

01 The Preamble (Produced By RoadsArt)

02 Hearts Of Men (Produced By RoadsArt)

03 Blow Your Mind (Produced By RoadsArt & Soul Surplus)

04 Always Around (Produced By RoadsArt)

05 Cold World (Produced By RoadsArt)

06 Stanley Ipkiss (Produced By RoadsArt & Frank G.)

07 I Get Up (Produced By RoadsArt and Soul Surplus)

08 2020 Vision (Produced By RoadsArt and Pelham & Junior)

09 Break Bread (Produced By RoadsArt, Jeramy Page and Pelham & Junior)

10 Light Beyond Sight (Produced By RoadsArt and Kingsway Music)

11 Groundhog Day (Produced By RoadsArt)

12 In My Mind (Produced By RoadsArt and Oksajin)


All vocals written and performed by Oksajin and RoadsArt

Mixed and mastered by RoadsArt at 202 Studios, NJ

Recorded by Oksajin and RoadsArt at the Ozone, LA and 202 Studios, NJ

Artwork by RoadsArt

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